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B. A. C. E. Sports Management Group

B.A.C.E. Sports M.G. is a 501-C3 non-profit organization.

(B.A.C.E. Sports M.G. is referred to as B.A.C.E.)

B.A.C.E. (Be A Community Educator)

B.A.C.E. was organized in 1987 to help address the problems of our community. B.A.C.E. pays particular attention to our growing and often misguided youth, whose actions adversely affect the health of our community. We believe that our youth may succeed in life only after they discover the essential factors necessary to achieve specific goals. This process of discovery is dependent upon an enviroment that our youth find interesting and comfortable.

B.A.C.E. has chosen the game of Basketball as the ideal enviroment because of its overwhelming popularity in our community. We intend to illustrate to our participants that the attributes of success applied to their game will serve as a model for them to become better human beings, as well as improve their skills to become better basketball players. Our goal is to teach these children that whatever adversity they face, whether at home, on the basketball court or at school, those factors of success, applied properly, will return favorable rewards.

The program includes organizing and/or sponsoring tournaments and educational camps for children ages six to nineteen. Additionally, we provide Youth Scholarships, Family Counseling, and other Community Based Services.

B.A.C.E. has been positively received by well known and respected organizations. They include the Southern Queens Park Association, Roy Wilkins Recreation Center, New York City Parks Department, and many branches of the YMCA.

B.A.C.E. has College and Professional coaches, scouts and recruiters for players to play College Basketball and Professional Basketball Internationally. (Overseas)

Atlantic City Mayor's Cup Classic September 10, 2011

B. A. C. E. High School Champions with Coaches Roy, Katt,

Charlie, City Council President Marsh and Coach Ted

Council President Marsh - Of the City of Atlantic City

Charles Coleman,

Billy Porter - Director of Recreation of Atlantic City

Coach Patterson Kentuckty State University

with the BACE Camp Participants High School Juniors & Seniors

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